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Do I really need it?

You probably think hiring a cleaning service is a total luxury. And, in truth, it kind of is. After all, it means someone else will be taking care of all of that housework you just don’t love or have the time to do. Still, it also happens to be a luxury that you might be able to afford more easily than you thought. And if that’s the case, what’s stopping you?
But the truth is: the person who comes to clean your home is almost always happy to have the job. And do you feel guilt when you eat out instead of cooking at home? Or when you hire a handyman instead of doing it yourself?
Still not convinced?

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1. A Lot of Cleaners Bring Their Own Supplies
Cleaning the entire house requires so many different cleaners. You need one cleaner for the bathroom tile, one for the mirrors, another for the toilet, and one more for the grout…

2. All of the Dusting
Basically every single thing in your home that has a surface. If you’re exhausted just reading that list, just think for a second about how exhausting it is to actually do all of that dusting…

3. The Dreaded Baseboards
Because the baseboards are where pet hair and dust and scuff marks gather, which can make even the cleanest home seem dirty. The good news is once the baseboards are clean, your walls and floor will look cleaner as a result.

4. Cleaning the Bathroom
Even if you have a professional cleaner come in to help, you’ll need to do some of this in between visits, but just think about how nice it would be not to have to scrub the shower walls ever again?

5. Knobs, Handles, and Switches
Guess what has more germs than almost any other part of your house? Yup, that’s right. It’s all of the doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches. And yet, be honest: How often do you clean them with a disinfecting wipe?

6. Those Filthy Floors
Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping… It probably seems like no matter how often you do it, it’s not enough.

7. A Professional Will Do a Better Job Than You
Too harsh? But just like how you do the very best at your job, that’s what a professional will do when he or she comes to clean your home. Sounds kinda nice, right?

8. You’ll Appreciate Your Home in a New Way
You can kick your feet up and just enjoy your sanctuary.

9. You’re Busy
Whatever time reason, hiring a professional to help you clean means cutting yourself some slack and giving yourself a break.

10. Time is Money
Yes, you can clean your home yourself and you may even have the time to do so, but a lot of professional services will do it for you at an affordable rate.

What we Can Help You With



Save on Supplies

Most of the cleaning services offer to come with their own supplies. This means you can save on all the sprays and cleaning solutions. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about which ones to buy for the tough spots.


Save Time

Imagine how much time it takes you to do the cleaning. If you have a big house, you probably do one room a day or one task a day (dusting, vacuuming, washing the floors). Eventually, you end up cleaning every single day. All cleaning services offer you a clean house in just one day. While we do the job, you can relax, sleep or work.


Save Money

How much do you earn per hour? Now think about how much you pay for house cleaning agencies. You probably make more. Instead, you spend your free time doing their job. Professional house cleaners can do the job twice faster and three times better than you can. So leave it to the pros.


Save The Nervous System

Do you like cleaning? Of course not! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be thinking about hiring a cleaning service. Why force yourself into doing something you hate when someone else can gladly do it for you? After a few weeks of freeing yourself from the annoying cleaning chores, you’ll notice how much better you feel.


Release Stress

Some cleaning jobs are just too tough for a person, who doesn’t know what to do. For example, post construction cleaning may be too complicated for a homeowner. Buying special tools for power washing or straining your back to lug heavy debris is completely unnecessary.


Long-Lasting Results

Such complicated jobs as home power washing don’t have to be done more often than once or twice a year. By doing it on your own, you may see a quick effect but it won’t last.


Time for you!

Be it post construction cleaning, dusting or vacuuming, by the end of the day you can be terribly tired. Cleaning your home all day is a sad way to spend the weekend. You probably have many other great things to do on your days off.


Have your Home Clean!

You can’t completely avoid cleaning your home if you hire someone, but between the house cleaner’s visits, you’ll only need to touch up here and there to make your home truly sparkle.

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Every room in your house has its own unique characteristics, so they require very specific cleanings. Our trained team will arrive ready to tackle any—or every—area of your home.

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Trust the team that:

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